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Produits Atoca

zero waste skincare


  • Guide Atoca's business development through research on eco-friendly consumers and zero waste products;
  • Create a new Shopify website focused on the needs of their customers while aligning with their new brand image;

My role

customer research, user testing, collaborative workshop, Shopify optimization


6 months

CX strategy and objectives

Design thinking workshop

Bringing together Atoca's team to launch the project was essential to establish the parameters of the UX research:

  • Identify the challenges Atoca is facing;
  • Establish the current customer journey and highlight the key pain points;
  • Determine the key insights needed to facilitate business decision making;
  • Isolate key information missing from Atoca that is preventing them from moving forward.
Customer journey activity
Sailboat workshop popularized by AJ&Smart

Problems identified

Atoca was facing several major problems that were blocking the progress of their business:

  • Few online sales;
  • Low recurring purchase rates;
  • Uncertainties about customer satisfaction with their products.


Talk to their customers to understand their needs.

This data will allow Atoca to improve their products, the shopping experience and turn their online store into a reliable revenue source.

Phase 1 of the mandate: UX research

Client Interviews

I conducted 18 individual interviews with consumers of zero-waste body care products. We touched on the in-store and online shopping experience, product usage, product selection criteria, and much more.

Interview statistics

  • 21 hours of videoconference interviews;
  • 1220 virtual Post-its;
  • guidelines to improve their packaging, build customer loyalty, differentiate themselves from the competition in-store, renew their website and create new products;
Overview of the Miro board used to analyze the qualitative data from the client interviews.

Definition of the personas

One of the first benefits of the interviews: Atoca discovered who its customers are. Several personas emerged. Two of them represented the company's main target clientele:

  1. Mother and family leader;
  2. Young adults who wants to change things.
Persona: mother and family leader.
Persona: young adult who wants to change things.


Key customer needs:

  • A no-compromise use and purchase experience;
  • Attractive products that encourage adoption by the whole family;
  • Transparency of ingredients to make informed choices;
  • A more diversified line of products for a 100% eco-friendly body routine.


Following the analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data, here are some of the actions Atoca was able to take to improve the experience of its customers.

A new lip balm packaging

The lip balm packaging required the use of a finger to push the product during application. Soon enough, the finger could no longer fit inside the tube, making it difficult to use the product.

Atoca replaced this old tube with a new packaging that can be used with a simple squeeze of the fingers. It is handbag-proof (it can resists to spending time tangled in the bottom of a handbag) and is 100% compostable at home. All criteria requested by customers.

The old Atoca lip balm packages
Atoca's new lip balm packaging

A line of facial care products

Customers asked for a wider range of products to make their body routine 100% eco-friendly.

Atoca responded to their request. Five new products are now available in reusable packaging.

New from Atoca - Cleansing Oil Makeup
New from Atoca - Radiant skin face mask

Phase 2 of the mandate: website redesign

The old website

The previous website had been created on Wix by the founder of Atoca in 2017.

It didn't showcase product benefits, had very few defined CTAs, and had several mobile navigation issues. Atoca was in dire need of a new website.

Atoca's old website launched in 2017.

Moodboard & visual exploration

The objective was to create a consistent visual identity between the company's website and social networks. Our photo-based approach communicates the company's values: transparent, human and funky. And... is super easy to deploy on social media!

Moodboard: transparent, human and funky


Atoca decided to allocate the majority of their budget to UX research and use a Shopify template to update their site.

I still wanted to present a custom design for Atoca despite the use of a template. I carefully selected a template that included elements essential to Atoca's client. I deconstructed the template in Figma to create a mockup of each page, which allowed me to:

  • Identify unique and custom content and features to add to the template;
  • Align the design with the needs of Atoca's clients;
  • Present and validate the design with Atoca;
  • Save time and money for Atoca by fixing issues before deploying the website.
Initial wireframes for Atoca's new website.
Color exploration and detailed wireframes for the final design.

Shopify development

The final step was to integrate this design on Shopify. Teamwork with a developer allowed the new website to launch just in time for the 2019 holiday season.

Atoca's online sales increased by more than 68% in a couple of months.

Desktop version

Mobile version


The customer research allowed to:

  • Establish concrete measures to build loyalty among Atoca's customers;
  • Create precise personas that guide Atoca in its business decisions;
  • Eliminate irritants that existed with their products;
  • Identify growth opportunities with the creation of new products;
  • Align the redesign of the website with the needs of their customers.

Their products have gone from no packaging to:

  • A unique and appealing brand identity;
  • A simplified and enjoyable user experience;
  • Products that help customers make a difference.

The website has gone from an underperforming store to:

  • A major source of revenue for the company;
  • A tool for customer loyalty;
  • A showcase that helps in-store purchases;

I leave the final word to one of their customers  comment made by a customer - translated from french):

"When I look in my bathroom and see Atoca products, I see lots of little victories that make me feel good. That's why I tell everyone about Atoca."
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